Victoria's supermodel Secret Diet week before they perform

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Victoria’s Secret fashion shows always featuring beautiful and sexy models, it's no secret. Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel‘s required to have a slim an proportional body, a flat stomach and slender legs. But on the other hand they also should not be too thin as catwalk models in general, because it became lingerie models should have a sexy body.

In its latest annual fashion show which took place some time ago, no less than 40 models in action on the catwalk. Wearing a thin satin lingerie, bra decorated with crystal, transparent kimono also other clothes which expose the skin and body curves. How the Victoria's Secret model is to prepare (body) to perform perfectly in the annual fashion show? From Adriana Lima to Karlie Kloss share the secrets of their beautiful sexy bodies, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Victoria's secret supermodel Secret diet program

1. Adriana Lima Secret Diet
Adriana Lima Secret Diet, Victoria secret supermodel diet program

Adriana Lima is Brazilian model; her age is already 32 years old and has two kids. With the present condition, recognized Adriana makes metabolism decreases and more difficult to maintain the shape of the body. To appear in the annual preparation of the catwalk show Adriana chose boxing training twice a week. According to her, boxing was nice to refresh the mind at the same rapid body shaping. Adriana also did a jump rope. While traveling, she never forgot to bring a skipping rope in a bag that can do it anywhere.

For matters of diet, three weeks before the show Adriana is keeping what she eats. She chose white eggs with broccoli, spinach and oatmeal for breakfast. At lunch, Adriana select menu of grilled fish with steamed vegetables and soy sauce. While the evening, she ate lean meats and vegetables. If she hungry between meals, Adriana usually snacking carrot, celery, blueberries and blackberries.

2. Karlie Kloss Secret diet
Karlie Kloss Secret diet

Karlie claimed to like spinning exercises to maintain her beauty. But to prepare for the fashion show, a model from the United States is also doing other exercises. Such as muscle building and strength training. The 21 -year -old woman avoids cardio workout too often. Because of this high -intensity physical activity will make her thin body, thinner. “I’d rather look strong and sexy, " she said.

3. Sui He Secret Diet

Sui He Secret Diet

This Chinese model utilizing technology to help her get the body that she wants. Sui doing exercises with the help of the Nike Training Club app Smartphone.

“When I travel, I cannot always see a personal trainer, so this app is great for your cardio workout guide and the formation of the body, “said 24-year -old woman. About her diet programs, including Sui lucky not too have problems with weight. The weights are stable from year to year. She just needs to be diligent in shower to look more sexy and fit on the catwalk.

4. Martha Hunt Secret Diet
Martha Hunt secret diet

Martha have exercise every day for three weeks, to prepare him on the catwalk. 24 year model chose yoga, spinning and exercise using Mega former machines. The movements like Pilates but more focused form the buttocks. For diet, Martha consumes lots of protein and vegetables. She also avoids processed food products.

5. Barbara Fialho Secret Diet
Barbara Fialho Secret Diet

the Brazilian model jogging along five miles, three times a week. She also diligently boxes. When have free time, Barbara was filling with fitness. As for diet, the 25-year -old model believe that breakfast is the key to keeping your metabolism steady. Barbara chose a croissant for breakfast, chicken or fish with vegetables for lunch and a salad or soup at dinner.

6. Erin Heatherton Secret Diet
Erin Heatherton Secret Diet

Two weeks before the fashion show, Erin avoids eating dessert, or any heavy food is not healthy. Demands to be perfect on the catwalk with minimal clothing, making the 24-year -old model is encouraged to be diligent to the gym. A buttock is one of the most important parts of the body. In order buttocks look sexy when fashion shows, models from the United States following the ballet class every day.

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